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Frequently Asked Questions


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Q. How many hours will I require?

A.We provide a minimum of 2 hours per visit, however you may require more hours. Things to consider would be the size of your home, how many rooms, how much furniture is in them and the depth of cleaning you require. Please see our handy guide below for various property sizes and amount of hours you may require.

Q. Can I change the amount of hours cleaning I have?

A. Yes you may increase or decrease (to a min of 2 hours) the amount of hours cleaning you require. We require one calendar month's notice in writing (email acceptable).

Q. What happens when my cleaner is sick or unable to attend a clean?

A. Unfortunately from time to time your cleaner may be too unwell to carry out your clean, or your cleaner may be on holiday. Your cleaner will notify you of any absence. We do not automatically provide a replacement cleaner as only your allocated cleaner has been entrusted to clean your home. However you can request a replacement cleaner and we will aim to find you a suitable temporary replacement. If we are unable to provide a replacement, we will issue a refund or credit your next invoice. However we find our client's prefer to skip a clean or have the cleaner make up the hours on an alternative day.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Our hourly rates include the cleaners wage and our retaining fee. Rates do vary depending on location. If you would like a quote, then please get in touch.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Elyte Clean will send you an invoice every 13 weeks. Our invoice will include Elyte Cleans retaining fee charged per hour. Our invoice can be paid by BACs (bank transfer) or a standing order. Your cleaner is paid separately and how you pay your cleaner is to be agreed between you and your cleaner.

Q. Do I get a refund if I dont require the cleaner to attend?

A. The retaining fee (payable to Elyte Clean) is still charged for any time you decide not to have your cleaner attend your regular clean. However the cleaner is only paid for the hours worked. 

Q. Is there a contract involved?

A. We have our business terms and conditions, after the initial 13 week period these t&cs are on a one month rolling basis.

Q. Are your cleaners checked and insured?

A.Yes. We carry out background checks on our cleaners including, ID Checks, multiple references and their eligibility to work in the UK. Our cleaners are covered by our public liability insurance.

Q. Will I have the same cleaner each visit and can I meet them first?

A. You will have the same cleaner each visit and you will have the opportunity to meet your cleaner prior to your first clean. 

Q. What tasks will the cleaner usually carry out?

A. Our cleaners will carry out general housework duties, however this can be tailored to your specific requirements. General housework duties could include but are not limited to; 


Bathroom Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning


Washing/Mopping Floors

Cleaning of Mirrors and internal windows

Washing, Ironing, Laundry

Changing Bedding

Q. Do I need to be at home when my clean is being carried out?

A. No. All of our cleaners are happy to be a key holder. So you can work, shop or play whilst your home is being cleaned. We can provide you with a key acknowledgement form for your cleaner to sign as a receipt for your key.

Q. Do I have to supply cleaning products?

A. Yes. Our cleaners do not carry their own cleaning products or equipment. We find our client's prefer to provide cleaning products as they prefer a particular brands fragrance.

Q. Can I request another cleaner if I am unhappy for any reason?

A. Yes, of course. Just let us know your concerns and we will happily allocate an alternative cleaner. We have a large database of vetted cleaners and we are confident that we can find you a suitable replacement cleaner.

Q. What if I want to stop using ELYTE Clean?

A. We would be sorry to see you leave. We require one calendar months notice in writing (email acceptable) after the initial 13 week period. All cleans within your notice period will be charged for whether you decide to have the cleans or not.

Q. Can my cleaner carry out an Oven Clean?

A.No. Oven cleaning is a specialist job and only a professional, trained and insured operative can carry out a deep oven clean. 

Our sister company “ELYTE OVEN CLEAN” can provide a free no obligation quote. Visit for more information.

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